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Retirement Planning: After the Fall October 7, 2008

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Perhaps, with all that has been going on in the financial markets of late, your retirement plan needs some expert advice. Good luck finding an expert. But perhaps, this little widget might be something worth relying on considering that you have been unable to rely on much else. It is probably better than most of what you have been listening too.

You can get the widget for your own here.

It should be noted, for all of the purists out there, this actually not a Buddha at all. It is some whoring priest named Ho-tay, who is often portrayed as a Buddha because of his rotund shape and bald head. But, like the fake Buddha, the markets have been something other than what we would have wanted as well.

On a more serious note: We’ll take a look at where we are at the end of the week. The ongoing turmoil has everyone a bit on edge. But there is a logical explanation and once the dust settles and the smoke lifts, we will attempt to read the signs. Right now, everyone is taking their money, losses or not, and selling.

If your retirement plan has longer than a ten-year horizon, be patient. If you are looking at a much closer time horizon, I would suggest you lengthen it to ten-years. As I said, more on that a little later on.



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