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Retirement Planning:What kind of Investor are You? October 24, 2008

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Financial professionals have always sought new ways to try and mine the psyche of investors. They offer personality tests and the one offered here is no exception.

Among the four categories the TransAmerica sought to group us in, a survey that asked 2000 fifty plus workers questions such as:

Different people have different views on how much control they personally have over what their life turns out to be like. Do you believe that how your life turns out is within your control and depends mostly on what you do or don’t do or do you feel that it is beyond your control and depends mostly on outside forces over which you have no control?


Would you say that you seek out change in your life or do you look for consistency in life?


Different people react differently to change and uncertainty. How exciting do you personally find change and uncertainty?

and finally

And how stressful do you personally find change and uncertainty?

Each of these questions, once submitted offer you the opportunity to sign up for a consultation.

I believe that there is another, far larger group out there that most of us tend to gravitate towards, regardless of what is happening.

The Absentee is most likely the largest group made up of folks who feel as though they are helpless in not only bull markets but bear markets. They are glad they aren’t losing anything but are worried that that they could lose everything.They are perpetually frozen on the sidelines and feel smug when they realize that they have lost nothing in the recent turbulence but are fully aware that they have gained little else. They see risk as a fool’s game and feel vindicated about now.The Absentee has a difficult time wrapping themselves around cold economic facts. They have taken safety to the extreme, choosing to lift the anchor and drift, waiting to see where the current of life takes them while the storm batters the shore.

Take the quiz.



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