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I’ve Been At This Awhile

I have been doing this sort of research and writing for over a decade, always with the focus on what this means to the 95% of us who are not wealthy. A fellow financial wordsmith once suggested that he could only save one investor at a time. I always tried to help you discover your inner investor first and by then, you won’t need to be saved.

The BlueCollarDollar.com covers numerous topics from personal finance to insurance, mutual funds and bonds, taxes and mortgages.

Over the years we have offered pointed commentary on Washington and Wall Street and continues to do so, sometimes once, sometimes twice a week. This column, The Blue Money Report, is available in syndication across numerous websites. I also write regularly for the International Business Times.

Each of my books offers you a progressively deeper look into a world where your money needs to grow and be protected using references from art, history, science, and even poetry if need be, to help explain how this crazy financial world works.

I am the author of three books:

Building Wealth in a Paycheck-to-Paycheck World” (McGraw-Hill 2004),

“Investing for the Utterly Confused” (McGraw-Hill 2007)

and the recently published,
Retirement Planning for the Utterly Confused (McGraw-Hill)

This blog will offer you insights on this book, including unedited passages. It will also include some additional source information and articles of interest.

My next book, “Mutual Funds for the Utterly Confused” is due for a December 2008 publications.



1. Lindsey - October 26, 2008

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2. Cialis - March 6, 2010

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